Trailer Parking Pass

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Trailer parking fees apply to towable trailers and other equipment, depending on the type of campsite you've chosen.

  • You may be asked to detach trailer or equipment from vehicle when parking them in our designated trailer parking area
  • Fees vary by trailer length.  ($20 - 20ft or less, $40 - greater than 20ft)

Full Service RV Campsites

A trailer parking fee applies to any towable equipment that does not fit within the boundaries of your Full Service RV Campsite.  You may keep trailers additional to your primary shelter on your site as long as you're within site boundaries.  Towable equipment exceeding site boundaries must park in the designated trailer parking area.

No-Service RV Campsites

A single shelter with tow vehicle are permitted at No-Service RV Campsites.  Examples include: a camper van, a truck with bed camper, a truck towing a pop-up or 5th wheel camper and so on.

Trailer parking fees apply to any additional trailers or towable equipment.  Loading & unloading is permitted at the campsite as space permits.  Additional trailers and equipment may not be left at campsites and must park in the trailer parking area.

Tent Campsites & Private Cabins

A trailer fee applies to all towable equipment at these sites.  Loading & unloading is permitted as space permits.  Trailers may not be left at Tent Campsites or Private Cabins and must park in the trailer parking area.