Full Service RV Campsite - 2020 - Section D

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Steel Pony Campground's Full Service RV Campsites Include:

  • Water Supply Hookup
  • Sewer Drain Hookup
  • Electrical Service (20, 30, and 50 amp Connections at Every Site)
  • Full Rally Stay (Aug 6 - 16, 2020)


Check In: August 6, 2020
Check Out:  August 16, 2020

For extended stays, nightly reservations are available pre and post rally.

2 Campground Wristbands Included

Includes 2 full-rally wristbands.  Additional wristbands available for purchase.

Trailer Parking

A trailer parking fee applies to any trailer or towable equipment that does not fit entirely within your campsite boundaries.  Parking is available for these items at a designated area on the campground. Trailer fees are payable online or at campground check in.


Purchase of this item is non-refundable.